Not even a mention in Jazza's COTM video

2015-01-26 05:11:55 by JBoston

I just don't understand and SINCE I don't understand, I honestly feel dejected...


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2015-01-26 05:58:33

Shame about your lack of a mention, since you have made a good looking frame ...

My only beef with it is ... is it a selfie, or a panel from a comic? Sure, there's bunny ears and a lense overlay ... but 2/3 of the action seems to come straight from a comic itself.

Bear in mind that we shouldn't see speech bubbles in a photograph! :)

(Updated ) JBoston responds:

Thanks for this response. That may very well be it...

I was focusing on the fact that ppl usually take quite a few selfies before they get the right one. I guess I unconsciously went too far into the comic realm.

Overthinking strikes again.... >.<


2015-01-26 12:04:46

you were mentioned, in the final drawings,in the end of the video,but hey,don't be that angry,a lot of people didn't make it,and it's not because your artwork is worst or better, there's no such things when talking about art.
Jazza is a human being,and he have a different taste for music,art etc. just like everyone!
I like your style,and i'm sure a lot of other people do too. :)

JBoston responds:

Yeah. Someone commented and pointed that out to me after I posted this. I had been patient and looked through the end, but I missed it since they are all going by in less than a second.

Damn need to blink.

I am feeling better as the day goes on. Just that initial shock really got to me because I couldn't understand.... and it was 5 in the morning. lol

But thanks. :)