My own webcomic has begun!

2015-02-13 00:03:50 by JBoston

Yup! I went and did it! I am finally doing something with the novel I wrote about 4 years ago! Got a bit hung up on painting, but still wanted to create, so I decided to adapt the novel into a webcomic! First page is up and I plan on making this a weekly thing! Also, bear with the flow. Getting used to the whole "webcomic" layout. Gonna take a bit of trial and error. tongue emoticon GO REEEEEAD!!!!!

(Supernatural, action, tragedy type of genre. And there will be a bit of bloody... well... bits.)


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2015-04-28 19:01:37

Good on ya! I just read a little of it an so far it's pretty good. I quite like the art style, it's so very clean lined and very well colored. I like the personality of the main characters (I presume gabe is a main character) and the relationship established between them. I like the alice and wonderland references too and I feel that they are pivotal to the plot, like some form of foreshadowing. All in all, I will enjoy seeing more of the comic.